Reminders & customer notification by SMS

Nothing to forget thanks to SMS reminders

Whether the finished glasses at the optician, the extended repair time in the workshop, or the appointment confirmation for the customer conversation: Most notifications during the current day business must be carried out quickly, directly and above all reliably. For this we offer an excellent SMS service.

In this way, you can inform your customers through professional communication and always have an overview of when and which message was sent. We offer you practical functions such as address book, journal, delivery reports and, of course, a manageable cost control. You and your customers do not need any special software or high-tech devices.

  • Scheduling of customer conversations, meetings and other to-dos
  • Re-availability of products in your online shop
  • Reminder of the regular examination at the doctor
  • Status change of orders, contracts & deliveries
  • Congratulations on birthday in the sense of customer loyalty
  • Information on examination and course dates

Stay relaxed

You can keep your customers up-to-date via SMS reminders and at the same time have the best support for the organization of appointments and customer notifications. In addition, you can use our services for numerous other purposes, such as events, reminders or your marketing strategy.

SMS reminders reach recipients anytime and anywhere, but do not disturb them, as it might be the case with a call. This form of notification is also much more popular with the public. In addition, advantages such as speed, ease of use, personal reference and discretion are combined. Both your customer and your company benefit from our concept. The bond but also the trust between the parties is strengthened.

Address book

Manage your contacts, groups and customizable messages intuitively. Thanks to the number validation, you can avoid outdated files.

Status reports

Track your messages live by status updates. So you are always up-to-date and have a full overview thanks to the logbook and statistical evaluations.

Standing orders

Create messages that are to be sent regularly. Standing orders can be deleted at any time you want.

Relaxed thanks to SMS scheduling and SMS reminders

Perfectly organized

For professional B2C communication, our web app is always at your disposal or you can integrate your own software: via the seven Gateway. For this, you have several interfaces to choose from which you can integrate your familiar configurations. Here, you can easily import and export data, send SMS via the command line by seven-cli, or set up an inbound return channel, via which you want to receive responses. Our API applications scale with your requirements – whether you send 2 reminders a day or 20.000.