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Stay relaxed and send SMS

Holidays should be relaxing and simple, right from the start. As early as the reservation and planning, it is important to offer the customer an appealing added value, which is succinct, but at the same time contains informative benefits. Long explanations may deter the customer and make them look for another place to stay than your hotel. With our service, not only will you be able to reach your customers via SMS at any time, but you can also send them direct messages that will make their stay in your hotel or apartment stress-free.

Our SMS service offers you the possibility of versatile communication. Worldwide. Very easily. Send:

  • Room reservations
  • Booking confirmations
  • Invitations to local events
  • Offers for advice and recommendations
  • Dates of additional services, such as massages and courses
  • Ask for feedback and ratings

Your advantages

In a sea of ​​tourists you catch exactly those, whose attention you want to secure. Regulars and new customers can be managed clearly in the address book. This allows group SMS to be better organized, as well as customizable salutations and standing orders. All processes are documented via journal and delivery report modules. At the same time, you have full cost control and can evaluate your orders statically.

For all this you can choose the SMS dispatch via webapp or you can integrate our API into your own software. Through this it is possible for you to continue to work with your known programs and additionally use our features. You can import contacts in full and get started immediately: Send SMS, Flash SMS and text to speech messages and validate the numbers in your database.
You remain flexible, because our SMS gateway scales with your requirements.


For sending SMS, for example to other time zones, you can optionally specify a later delivery time – exactly to the minute. This allows you to relax and enjoy the evening, while your guests are personally welcomed by SMS.

Improve customer satisfaction by using an SMS service in your hotel

For hotels and apartments, SMS communication is particularly useful, since neither state-of-the-art receiver devices are required nor mobile Internet access. We offer excellent opportunities to address customers worldwide, including Text2Speech (Voice) in different languages. Our number validation also supports you through international connectivity. If you also have special requirements, we are open to new ideas.

Transparent and fair – Prices to send SMS

Simply top up your credit balance and pay only the SMS you send. There will be no additional costs for you. All features like the API, Email2SMS etc. are available free of charge for each account.

*All prices are subject to value added tax at the statutory state. Prices for non-EU countries may vary. Please check our full price list by country. The prices are valid for a sent SMS with 160 characters. Messages with more than 160 characters are calculated according to the number of sent SMS, in which for each SMS message 8 characters less are available. An SMS with e.g. 310 characters would thus be calculated with the triple SMS price. For SMS with unicode characters, ie characters which are not included in the standard GSM alphabet (e.g. cyrillic, arabic, etc.), only 70 character per SMS are possible. The price is then for 70 characters. No transmission to special call numbers.