Adalo is a no-code mobile app creation solution that can be used online. A free trial version is available, and there are different prices for certain scopes of use. 

Users can integrate various components into their apps, which are available on Adalo’s marketplace and therefore add all kinds of functions to their app. In addition to the components available there, which can be connected via drag and drop, developers can also implement and integrate their own components.

With our component, for example, you can send text-to-speech messages and SMS in Adalo. Using our component is free, you only pay for the message you’re sending.

Versenden Sie Voice-Nachrichten und SMS in Adalo

Your users will love the effective notifications via SMS

Send SMS in Adalo

With our component you will be able to implement sending SMS in Adalo quickly. You will also be able to send text-to-speech messages. These are delivered as a call and are therefore used especially often for sending very urgent messages such as alarms.

To send messages through our gateway you need an API Key, which you can create yourself in a few steps. You will also need enough credit to send an SMS. After a short setup, you can get started and add your component to your project.

How are you using our component in Adalo? Send us a message – we would love to learn more about your use case.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check out our GitHub page for more information.