Akaunting is an open-source accounting software for small businesses and self-employed people. The free software provides various functions that will help you manage your income and expenses. With client portals, you can provide your clients with an overview of their transactions and invoices. If you use Akaunting with multiple people, you also adjust their access rights via the different roles of each person. This way, everything remains clear and secure. 

The software can be extended in its features through various modules, so you can customize it to your needs. With the seven module you can now also send SMS with Akaunting. You want to send text-to-speech messages instead? This is also easily possible with our module.

Example of an automated SMS with Akaunting

Send text-to-speech messages and SMS with Akaunting

Are you looking for an additional communication option to reach out to your customers? With our module you can send both text-to-speech messages and SMS with Akaunting. For example, you can automatically notify your customers via SMS when a new invoice is available. The high and fast reading rate of SMS ensures that the information reaches your customers quickly.

Bulk SMS is also great for important updates that are targeted to all customers. Bulk text-to-speech messages are most often used by our customers to send alerts or to reach people who cannot read.

Bulk SMS

  • Want to send an important message to all users at once? Send a bulk SMS with Akaunting and reach all customers in no time.

Bulk text-to-speech

  • Text-to-speech messages are delivered as a call and then read to recipients over the phone. They are used most frequently for particularly urgent messages.

Send SMS to contact when invoice is created

  • Your order is completed? Send an automated SMS to a contact when a new invoice is created for them.
Versenden Sie SMS mit Akaunting

The user interface of Akaunting when sending a bulk SMS.
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