Appmixer is an integration platform – however there is more to it than you may think. On the one hand, companies can use Appmixer to combine apps and implement workflows. On the other hand, they can use Appmixer as a white label solution and offer their own customers suitable integration platforms. 

Various apps are available that can be linked “out of the box”, but it is also possible to create your own connectors. Thus, even very individual requirements can be realized. For example, you can easily send SMS with Appmixer by setting up our service as a connector.

Send SMS with Appmixer

Send SMS with Appmixer now

If you create an individual connector, you can not only send SMS with Appmixer, but also text-to-speech messages, sometimes called voice messages. This way, you integrate particularly effective communication into your workflow in just a few steps. SMS are used for purely informative purposes, such as notifications when a certain event occurs, as well as for marketing messages and other recipient-oriented messages.

Text-to-speech messages are especially common for alerts because they trigger a call. The content of the message is then read to recipients over the phone. The comprehensive workflows mean your ideas are just a few clicks away from reality – give it a try!

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