Appy Pie Connect is an automation platform by the no-code web development provider Appy Pie. The company, founded in 2015, offers the possibility to automate processes even without programming knowledge with its Connect branch.

More than 300 apps are available for this purpose, which you can combine with each other to build your very own workflow. Among other things, you can integrate a sending of SMS in Appy Pie Connect, which is triggered by another app. But there’s more: Our integration also allows you to use various other products from our range.

Send SMS in Appy Pie Connect and use other products from sms77

Our integration with Appy Pie Connect

Our app in Appy Pie Connecct offers a couple of functions that come in handy in your individual workflow. For example, you can set incoming SMS as a trigger. As actions you may send SMS or text-to-speech messages or use one of our lookups.

By sending SMS in Appy Pie Connect, you can easily set up alerts, for example. Often our customers also choose text-to-speech messages for alerts, which are delivered as a call. Many other scenarios are also possible – for example, you can use our Lookup products to validate new incoming mobile numbers. Go ahead and try it yourself!

You’re already using our integration in Appy Pie Connect? We would love to hear about your use case!


Inbound SMS


Send SMS

  • Automatically send an SMS in Appy Pie Connect when a specific event is triggered in another program.

Text-to-speech messages

  • A text message does not get the attention you need? Send a text-to-speech message that is delivered as a call.


  • With our number validation products, you not only check the validity of a mobile number, but also its network affiliation and other relevant information if required.

For more information about our app, visit the corresponding page at Appy Pie Connect.