Bagisto is an open source eCommerce ecosystem based on Laravel. According to its own statement, it is suitable for companies of any size and can be used without additional costs in its basic version. The creation of a multi-vendor marketplace is also possible with bagisto.

Various functions complete the eCommerce system. If you are looking for more than these functions, you can choose from a variety of additional extensions and integrations. You can also integrate our service to be able to send SMS with bagisto. 

Versenden Sie SMS mit Bagisto
Send exclusive offers via SMS with bagisto

Send SMS with bagisto and seven

You want to add a powerful messaging channel to your online store? Integrate our service and send SMS with bagisto in no time. SMS reach their destination quickly, reliably and without much effort. In addition, they are read by your recipients faster than average and are perceived as very personal messages.

You set up the sending via seven with your API key in a few steps in bagisto. After that, you can send SMS to individual customers as well as to customer groups. To take full advantage of the personal touch of SMS, use placeholders to address your customers individually. Try it out for yourself!

Sending SMS to individual recipients

  • Send SMS to individual customers to provide them with personalized service or special exclusive offers.

Sending SMS to groups of recipients

  • Send SMS to groups of recipients for your marketing or to inform your customers about important changes or dates.
Wenn Sie eine SMS mit bagisto versenden, erreichen Sie Ihre Kunden schnell und zuverlässig

Reach your customers personally, quickly and reliably.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check out our GitHub page for more information.