BODI 5 is a modular software package for automotive workshops that offers flexible application options. In addition to important standard functions such as management components for orders, documents and appointments, there are other functions that users might miss in other systems, such as an app for mobile that makes accepting vehicles easier.

To make direct communication with customers even more effective, you can connect to the software to send SMS with Bodi 5 in no time.

Send an SMS with Bodi 5

Send an SMS with Bodi, for example from the scheduler.

Send SMS with BODI 5 now

A car is ready for pickup? You want to send an appointment or payment reminder? Send an SMS with Bodi 5 that will be delivered to your customers immediately. SMS are read much faster than emails and allow communication that is not only personal, but also very effective.

Want your customers to receive a customized message? Use variables to be able to address your customers personally even in automated messages. You’ll save time and still communicate personally and efficient. Try it out and see for yourself! Registration at is free of charge.

Find here a tutorial on how to set up the SMS function in Bodi, provided by BODI-DATA.