Bolt is an open source CMS that was first released as such in 2012. It was originally brought to life by the web agency Two Kings, which also offers commercial support for Bolt today. An active community is significantly involved in the further development of the content management system. Bolt is easy and intuitive to use and always remains clear in its structure. However, with the help of extensions, the content management system can also be customized as desired.

If you want to send SMS with Bolt CMS, you can use the seven extension to effectively reach all users.

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Send SMS with Bolt CMS to keep your team up to date

Send SMS with Bolt CMS

Install our SMS extension to easily send SMS with Bolt CMS. After a short setup you can use our most popular SMS features for your SMS dispatch. For example, if you want to send alerts, you can send a Flash SMS, which is immediately displayed on the receiving device and is usually not saved. Do you want to send your SMS at a later time? With the delay function you can pre-schedule SMS to be sent at any point in time.

You can also use our Performance Tracking to check whether and how often a link you sent in an SMS was clicked by the recipients. Furthermore, if you decide to mark your SMS with a label, it will help you analyze your SMS sending later. This way, everything remains simple and clear.

Bulk SMS

  • Sending bulk SMS with Bolt CMS is great for reaching your entire team at once.


  • Insert the {{name}} placeholder to personalize your SMS so that all recipients are addressed personally.
Versenden Sie Massen SMS mit Bolt CMS

Sending bulk SMS with Bolt CMS, click to enlarge.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Visit our GitHub page for more information.