Bubble is a no-code platform for creating various digital products. For example, it enables the development of interactive desktop and mobile apps without requiring programming knowledge. The well-structured user interface makes it easy to use the platform. If you have questions about it nonetheless, Bubble provides many resources to support you, such as an academy, a forum and the possibility to search for coaches.

The possible actions can be expanded through numerous plugins, so that hardly any wishes should remain unfulfilled. Of course, an SMS plugin cannot be missing in this equation. Therefore, with our actions you can now also send SMS in Bubble. In addition, sending text-to-voice messages as well as HLR, MNP and CNAM lookups are also available as actions in the platform.

Educational videos like these are designed to help Bubble users navigate the platform.

Versenden Sie SMS in Bubble, um sich über bestimmte Ereignisse informieren zu lassen

Send SMS in Bubble

With the seven plugin you can integrate various actions that go beyond simply sending SMS in Bubble. For example, add an HLR query as an action to add important information to an entered number when it is saved. Our Voice feature is also popular in automated workflows. In addition, with just a few clicks you can use all the features we offer for our SMS sending, such as delayed sending, flash SMS sending and many more.

For example, you can be alerted via SMS when a certain action is taken in your app. Someone has signed up for your premium program? With an SMS, you will be immediately informed about it and you can personally address the new users right away.

Automated SMS sending

  • Automatically send an SMS when an event occurs that you specify.

Text to Voice

  • Voice messages are delivered as a call and are therefore especially popular for sending alerts.


Lassen Sie automatisch eine SMS in Bubble versenden

Specify how SMS should be sent in Bubble, click to enlarge.

Are you ready to send messages from Bubble?
You can find our plugin on Bubble’s plugin page.