CiviCRM is a free software that enables the creation of a web-based CRM. The system is flexibly customizable and has a special focus on data protection. The project was founded in 2005 and initially focused on nonprofits. Today, CiviCRM is designed to help companies of all types and sizes organize and maintain their contact relationships. In addition to the core development team, an active community is constantly working to further improve the CRM.

Thanks to the extensibility options, the CRM can be customized to meet many different needs. With our plugin you can also send and receive SMS with CiviCRM.

Use sending SMS with CiviCRM for example to inform your team about changes

Send SMS with CiviCRM

Want to send SMS with CiviCRM? All you need is an seven account with sufficient credit and our plugin, which is ready to use after a short setup. If you would like to receive SMS in CiviCRM as well, you can also set up inbound SMS.

SMS reach your recipients reliably and are read faster than average. Therefore they are especially, but not exclusively, suitable for short term or especially personal messages. Allow your recipients to reply directly to your SMS to keep the conversation as simple and natural as possible. Whether you want to send appointment reminders to your team or exclusive offers to your customers, SMS are useful for numerous scenarios.

Send and receive SMS

  • Send and receive SMS without leaving the CiviCRM user interface.


  • Personalize your SMS by using placeholders for elementary information about the contact in question.
Versenden Sie SMS mit CiviCRM

Sending an SMS with CiviCRM, click to enlarge.

Need help installing or using the plugin?
Head over to our GitHub page for more details.