Contao is an open source CMS from Germany that can be used for websites of any size. Many functions are already included in the basic Contao package, such as multilingualism and detailed settings for user rights.

If you are missing a certain function, you can upgrade it in many cases via an extension. For example, the Notification Center extension allows you to send SMS from Contao when you integrate our service.

Users of the CMS especially appreciate the flexibility and scalability. In addition, Contao is GDPR-compliant “out-of-the-box”. An active community rounds off the attractiveness of the CMS.

You can configure various settings when sending SMS from Contao.

Settings options for notifications in Contao, click to enlarge.

Send SMS from Contao via the Notification Center

If you want to send SMS from Contao, there is a simple and elegant solution: Add SMS sending through seven via the Notification Center. Once you have completed the installation and setup, you can send SMS directly from the user interface.

You can select which activities you want to be notified about and keep track of them at any time. If you want to try out the SMS sending feature, all you need is an account with sufficient credit with us, in addition to Contao itself and the Notification Center. You also need an API key, which you can easily create yourself.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check out our GitHub page for more information.