CubeCart is an open source eCommerce system. The software contains many basic functions right from the start, so that even more complex projects can be realised without additions. However, if you are still missing a function, various extensions are available with which the system can be adapted further, so you can customize it to fit your inidvidual needs. A hosted version is available as well, if you need it.

With our extension, you can add the sending of SMS in CubeCart to effectively inform customers by short message.

Send SMS in CubeCart and reach your customers personally

Send SMS in CubeCart

Extensions take your online shop to the next level. If you integrate our extension, you can send SMS in CubeCart in no time at all and thus reach your customers particularly effectively. Most SMS are read within the first three minutes of receipt. The particularly personal contact also strengthens customer loyalty and ensures that you remain in your customers’ memory.

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