Your wish is our command! Many of our customers have asked us if we can make our service available as a standalone app that is available on desktop. That’s why we are happy to present you here the seven desktop app. You can use the app on MacOS, Linux and Windows.

With our latest version, you can thus use all our offered services directly from the app and no longer need to log in to our webapp via a browser. Further below you can download the latest version for your operating system. We hope you enjoy using it!

Mit der sms77 Desktop App können Sie unseren Service direkt von Ihrem Rechner nutzen

The desktop app for seven

After installing our desktop app, sending SMS will be even easier for you. Start the program and use all our services directly from the desktop app. Not only do you have SMS features like performance tracking, labels and flash SMS at your disposal, but also voice messages and lookups – all in one place. You can also keep track of your expenses in the desktop app. This makes it a strong alternative to our popular web app.

Extensive SMS dispatch

  • Send SMS just the way you want to. Bulk SMS, Flash SMS or SMS pre-scheduled for a specific time – they are all available in the desktop app.


  • By setting a signature, you can save a lot of time on recurring SMS. For example, set a farewell or always send your website with it.


  • Today, personalization is more important than ever! Personalize your messages by automatically inserting the respective first or last name or a value you define yourself.

Bulk SMS

  • Do you want to reach very many of your recipients at once? Maybe even all of them? No problem: send bulk SMS to the groups you specify.
You can use all of our services in the desktop app

Fixed sender name

  • Your recipients want to know who is writing to them. Make it easy for them and set a sender name with up to 11 alphanumeric characters.


  • Lookups help you make your SMS sending as cheap and effective as possible. You also have HLR, NMP, CNAM and format lookups available in the desktop app.


  • Voice or text2speech messages add another strong component to your communication. Messages can be sent to both landline and mobile numbers, where they are read aloud to recipients on the phone.

Download the latest version of the desktop app for your operating system here.

A click on the respective button starts the download.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Our documentation will help you.