Dolibarr is an ERP and CRM whose first version was released back in 2003. It is an open-source software, available both as an on-premise and SaaS application. The software is aimed at all types of businesses, as well as self-employed individuals and organizations.

The functions of the software can be extended with the help of modules. Such modules are available both from Dolibarr itself and from various third-party providers. Thus, the software can be customized individually and according to your needs. With our module, for example, you can send SMS with Dolibarr. It is also possible to send text-to-speech messages.

Send SMS with Dolibarr to update your customers

Send text-to-speech messages and SMS with Dolibarr

With the easy integration of our service you can now send text-to-speech messages and SMS with Dolibarr. If you already have an account with us and have created your first API key, there is nothing to stop you from integrating the module.

SMS are excellent for sending short term information, as they are read by recipients particularly quickly and reliably. Many of our customers also like to use text-to-speech messages, sometimes called voice messages, to alert staff or customers in urgent situations. Here, you send an SMS that is then delivered to the respective recipient as a call and read out on the phone.

Bulk SMS

  • Fast, simple, effective – with mass SMS you can reach even large groups in the shortest time possible.

Bulk text-to-speech messages

  • As an accessible alternative or for alarms: Send SMS that are delivered as calls. They attract a particularly high level of attention in recipients.

Placeholder for customer properties

  • Use your customers’ details to automatically insert them into your SMS. This way you can easily customize your messages.
Hier können Sie SMS mit Dolibarr versenden

User interface to send bulk SMS with Dolibarr.
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Need help installing or setting up the features?
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