Drone is a continuous integration platform that enables automation of build, test and release workflows. It supports diverse operating systems and architectures and works with any language. Drone exists in an open source community version and an enterprise version.

If you want to be notified when Drone completes a certain task, you should take a closer look at our plugin. It allows you to send SMS notifications in Drone as well as text-to-speech messages.

Versenden Sie automatisch SMS Benachrichtigungen in Drone wenn eine Aufgabe abgeschlossen wird

Drone CI at work, click to enlarge.

Send SMS notifications in Drone

With our plugin you can include not only SMS notifications in Drone, but also text-to-speech messages. This way you can be notified automatically when Drone completes a task and meanwhile you can devote your time to other responsibilities.

Flash SMS messages are also available, which our customers like to use for alerts of all kinds. If needed, you can also set your own sender name. Furthermore, the debug mode is available to you as well.

Send SMS

  • Always be up to date: Get notified via SMS when Drone has completed a job and choose between a regular SMS and a Flash SMS.

Send text-to-speech messages

  • Alternatively, you can send a voice or text-to-speech message that is delivered as a call. The content of the message is read out on the phone.
Send SMS notifications in Drone

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