Elgg is a framework for creating web applications with a focus on social networks. The open source software is adaptable to fit your needs and has been continuously developed since it was founded in 2004. Both a core development team and a large community are involved in this development process. In addition, numerous plugins ensure that the functions can be adapted individually. Today, several large companies and universities are among the users of Elgg.

If you use the seven plugin, you can also send SMS in Elgg and thus expand your communication with a strong partner.

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Einstellungen für Elgg SMS mit sms77

Settings for sending SMS in Elgg with seven, click to enlarge

Send SMS in Elgg with the seven plugin

With the seven plugin for Elgg you integrate the SMS dispatch particularly uncomplicated into your network. All it takes is a short setup and the sending of SMS in Elgg is available to you. Our plugin allows you to use SMS as a notification option. This way you make sure that you are always up-to-date on the important events.

Additionally, you can customize your SMS sending using our settings options. For example, use our label function to always keep track of your messages in your analysis. You can find a complete overview of your options in the documentation linked below.

How to use SMS in Elgg

Sending notifications via SMS in Elgg is especially useful if you always want to stay up to date, no matter where you are. Install the SMS Notification Plugin from Elgg, add seven as provider, set up your dispatch and you will receive your notifications via SMS on your cell phone. Again, you can find details in the documentation linked below.

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Sending SMS in Elgg can help with various scenarios

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