FreeScout is an open source help desk and additionally offers a shared inbox for processing customer requests. Unlike many other paid support systems FreeScout is available in a freemium model, which means: The basic version is available for free and paid modules can be purchased to extend the range of functions. There are also free community modules, such as our SMS module.

If you integrate our free SMS module, you can easily send SMS from FreeScout.

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Send SMS with FreeScout

Send SMS from FreeScout

With our plugin you can send SMS from FreeScout and thus reach your support team easily and also at short notice. SMS are perceived as particularly personal messages and are usually read immediately after they are received. Therefore, they are suitable for team-internal messages as well as for urgent messages.

To set up your SMS messaging in FreeScout, all you need is your API key. During setup, you can also decide on a Sender ID that will be displayed to your recipients when they receive your SMS. Register for free and give it a try.

SMS dispatch

  • Sending SMS from FreeScout is easy to integrate and particularly effective.


  • Use placeholders in your SMS to easily customize and personalize them.


  • Filter your users by location and language for even easier separation of your recipients.
Versenden Sie Massen-SMS aus FreeScout

Screenshot of the user interface when sending a bulk SMS from FreeScout, click to enlarge.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check out our GitHub page for more information.