Gambio offers an online store system as a all-in-one solution. You can create your own online store and customize it according to your needs. Gambio aims to serve companies of all kinds, from startups to traditional companies, and accordingly offers many options for configuration as well. Free themes enable the individual visual design of your online store. In addition, the services of various partners can be connected to your store, from agencies to payment service providers to ERP systems.

With the seven plugin, you can now also send SMS from Gambio to get in touch with your customers even more effectively.

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Use the sending of SMS from Gambio, for example, to keep customers up to date

Send bulk SMS from Gambio

With our SMS plugin you can send bulk SMS from Gambio to an individual group of customers. Use these messages for marketing SMS, to inform your customers about changes or to request information from your customers. Because of the easily selectable customer groups, you will always reach the right target group, quickly and reliably. By using different placeholders you personalize the SMS and add further relevant information to your SMS in an uncomplicated way.

In addition, further functions are available to you in our SMS dispatch. Add labels to your SMS for effective filtering in your analysis, send Flash SMS and have sent links monitored by our performance tracking. For a full list of features, see the documentation linked below.

Sending SMS to specific customer groups

  • Send bulk SMS from Gambio to all customers or to specific customer groups, exclusively. This way, you can send important updates, but also implement marketing campaigns that are tailored to the exact target group.

Placeholders in Gambio

  • Use placeholders in your SMS that get their information directly from Gambio. By adding placeholders to your SMS you automatically insert the correct name or the respective customer number of the recipients, even in bulk SMS.
Sie haben verschiedene Einstellmöglichkeiten, wenn Sie eine SMS aus Gambio versenden

User interface for sending an SMS from Gambio, click to enlarge

Need help installing our plugin or setting up the features?
Find more information on our GitHub page.