Github Actions provides a platform for automating developer workflows. GitHub, probably the best-known source code management system in the world, has thus added an attractive feature to its portfolio. Thanks to Actions, developers can automate even complex workflows with little effort and thus benefit from optimized processes.

To keep up with certain events, you can now also send voice messages and SMS with GitHub Actions. Actions are easy to integrate and our actions quickly and reliably inform you when there are new issues, new releases or other events in your workflow. You can combine numerous actions from different providers to create individual notification systems.

Send SMS with GitHub Actions

Send voice messages and sms with GitHub Actions.

We offer two official seven actions in GitHub Actions: The SMS Action and the Voice Action.

If you want to send SMS with GitHub Actions, you can include our action in your workflow after a short setup. Send an automated SMS to yourself, team members or other people whenever a certain event occurs. This way you are always up-to-date, for example when a new issue is created.

You can also integrate our Voice Action to send a call instead. The text of your message will then be read out on the phone when the recipient answers the call. This action is particularly useful if the message needs to be delivered to a landline phone or an SMS is not an option for other reasons.

Send SMS

  • You can send SMS to one or more recipients and select an alphanumeric sender name that will be displayed to your recipients. You can also use our label feature for a more structured approach in your dispatch analysis. For more features when sending SMS with GitHub actions, please read our documentation linked below.

Send Voice messages

  • Voice messages are sometimes also called text to speech messages and can be delivered to landline numbers as well as mobile numbers. Here, too, you can specify a sender name when using the GitHub Action. This name can consist of up to eleven alphanumeric characters. Find more details in the documentation linked below.

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