Grav is an open source flat file CMS with a minimalist approach, which not only makes it simple, but also very fast. The focus on simple structures and usability make the content management system a popular alternative to the often cluttered competitors. The appearance is, as usual, customizable through themes and additional functions can be added  through plugins as well.

With our plugin, for example, you can send an SMS with Grav when a form has been filled out on your website. This means that you are always up to date and don’t miss any important requests anymore.

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Always up to date: Send SMS with Grav

Send SMS with Grav

With our plugin you can send an SMS with Grav when a form is filled out on your website. You can set a number to receive an SMS as well as send an SMS to the users themselves after they have filled out the form.

Instead of sending an SMS, you can also send a text-to-speech message that is delivered as a call and read out on the phone. Our customers like to use this feature for messages that are particularly important and therefore need to get their attention immediately.

Sending SMS

  • Have Grav send an SMS every time a form is filled in on your website. You may send an SMS to a specified number or to the user who filled in the form.

    Both notification options are available independently of each other.

Text-to-speech messages

  • Text-to-speech or voice messages are delivered as a call and then read aloud on the phone– you cannot get more attention than that.
Fokussieren Sie sich auf das Wesentliche und versenden Sie SMS mit Grav

Focus on what matters and send SMS with Grav.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check out our GitHub page for more information.