Group Office combines a CRM and groupware software with comprehensive features, such as file sharing, email and calendar management, task lists and many more. In the community version, Group Office is available in an open source license. In addition, the software is available in numerous different languages.

With the help of modules, the functions can also be extended. For example, with our module you can send SMS from Group Office or use our text-to-speech messages.

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Send SMS from Group Office

Send text to speech messages and SMS from Group Office

With our plugin you can easily implement the sending of text to speech messages and SMS from Group Office. After a short installation, you set up the sending using your API key and then you’re ready to send your first message.

Sending bulk SMS to customers is suitable not only for marketing purposes, but also for telling customers of changes, such as closing or maintenance times, that may be relevant to them. In some use cases, sending text to speech messages, sometimes called voice messages, is also useful. Make sure to try it for yourself!

Bulk SMS

  • Send bulk SMS and benefit directly from the high opening and reading rate of short messages. SMS are perceived as very personal messages and thus help to create a special relationship with your customers.


  • Use placeholders to individualize your SMS and address your recipients personally. This is especially useful when you send bulk SMS from Group Office.

Text to speech messages

  • Text to Speech or Voice messages are delivered to your recipients as a call and then read aloud on the phone. Our customers like to use this feature for alerts or in situations where SMS messages are difficult to read.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check out our GitHub page for more information.