Home Assistant is an open source home automation control software. The software is free and focuses on local control and the privacy of its users. Home Assistant is extremely popular and was one of the top ten open source projects on GitHub in 2019.

So it’s not surprising that the active community has already developed more than 1700 plugins for the software. Thanks to our extension, you can now also conveniently send SMS with Home Assistant – flexibly and securely via our high-performance gateway. It is also possible to send voice messages, sometimes called text to speech messages, which are read out to recipients on the phone. 

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Send SMS with Home Assistant – Perfect for Alarms

Send voice messages and SMS with Home Assistant

With our plugin you can easily send SMS with Home Assistant. Simply install our component and add the action to your desired automation. If your automation is running, you can be notified, for example, when a motion detector in your house goes off or someone enters a room without authorization. SMS are particularly suitable here because they reach the recipients independently of Internet connections.

An SMS is not enough for you? Use our voice component for Home Assistant to send an SMS via our gateway, which is then received as a call and read out on the phone. This voice function is particularly useful in many scenarios, for example when you are on the road in your car, where you cannot read SMS, but you can certainly receive calls.

Automated SMS dispatch

  • Integrate our SMS dispatch into your automation and be notified about various scenarios. Effective for alerts of all kinds.

Voice messages

  • More attention and accessibility: send a text message, which is then delivered and read aloud as a call. Voice or text to speech messages can also be sent to landline numbers.
Sie möchten SMS mit Home Assistant versenden? Wir haben das passende Plugin!

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Visit our GitHub page for more details.