Homebridge is an open-source software that enables the integration of devices into Apple’s HomeKit if they are not natively supported. Homebridge can be operated on all common systems, but operation via a Raspberry Pi is particularly popular in the community.

Currently, more than 4000 packages are available that extend the functions of Homekit. Users thus have the opportunity to use extensive functions and automations in their smart home that would otherwise not be available to them. If you include our plugin, you can send voice messages and SMS with Homebridge.

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Use SMS with Homebridge to be informed about certain events

Send voice messages and SMS with Homebridge

Our plugin allows you to send voice messages and SMS in Homebridge and thus, for example, create automations that inform you about important events when needed. The large number of available plugins and devices leaves little to be desired, so you can surely realize your individual project.

Common use cases are, for example, sending an SMS when measuring devices notice that a specified limit is exceeded or when a certain motion detector is triggered. Many of our customers like to use the voice function for alarms, where a call is triggered instead of an SMS.

SMS dispatch

  • With our plugin you will receive automated SMS with Homebridge – reliably and exactly the way that is easiest for you.

Voice messages

  • Sie möchten unser Plugin für Alarme nutzen? Viele Kunden lassen sich via Voice- beziehungsweise Text-to-Speech-Nachricht anrufen, um über bestimmte Ereignisse informiert zu werden.
Die Konfiguration zum Versand von SMS mit Homebridge

Configuration of sending SMS with Homebridge, click to enlarge.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check out our GitHub page for more information.