Homey is an all-in-one solution for smart home automation and monitoring. It is characterized in particular by the fact that it can work with many different frequencies. Thus, devices can be controlled not only via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but also via infrared, Z-Wave, Zigbee and others.

Moreover, the functions can be extended by apps developed not only by Homey’s partner companies, but also by users and community members. Any custom automation workflows can be built by creating so called flows. Sending SMS in Homey is also possible thanks to a community-built app.

Send SMS in Homey to be informed about certain events.

Send SMS in Homey

If you want to send SMS in Homey you can add the dispatch to your flow thanks to an app built by Robin Gruijter from the Homey community. When you install the app, you can use the data from your account with us to set up your SMS dispatch. After the setup, you simply integrate the dispatch into your flow and you are ready to start sending.

Depending on which devices you connect Homey to, you can implement a lot of different scenarios. For example, you can be notified via SMS when movements are detected although no one is home or receive an alarm text when the CO2 level in a room exceeds a limit. As usual, you can view the statistics of your SMS dispatch in our web app.

Would you like to get started and send SMS via Homey?
Here you will find the application that allows you to use our service in Homey.