Huginn is a tool for workflow automation. With the help of various “agents”, different workflows can be designed and automated. In addition, Huginn, unlike many of its major competitors, is open source and needs to be self-hosted. The large and active community contributes to the fact that new functions are being added constantly. At its beginning in 2013 Huginn was merely a private project. However, it soon began to grow steadily and is now very successful. The software is used by the New York Times, for example, to automate editorial processes.

Automatisch SMS versenden mit Huginn und sms77
Automated alarms with Huginn and sms77

The seven plugin for Huginn

With the seven agent for Huginn you are able to send automated SMS when a certain event occurs. For example, you can be notified if your brand is mentioned on Twitter or if the mention exceeds a certain value.

Thanks to the numerous agents and the possibility to connect them, many other use cases can also be realised. Do not limit yourself: You can also keep an eye on SMS triggered by Huginn with our performance tracking. You only want to send alarms via SMS? Sending Flash-SMS is also possible. Try it now!

Automatic SMS dispatch

Include the seven agent in your workflow to send automated SMS. In combination with other agents you create various scenarios that meet your individual needs.

Performance tracking

You want to know whether your sent SMS is read and whether a sent link is viewed? Activate our performance tracking for the SMS that you send. You can track all details afterwards for all messages that have performance tracking enabled.

Flash SMS

Activate the Flash SMS option to send alarm messages or other SMS that do not need to be saved. Flash SMS appear directly on the recipient’s screen and cannot be read again after the first reading.

Text 2 Speech

More than just text: Send messages that arrive at the receiving device as a call and are automatically read aloud. The sending of these voice messages can also be automated in Huginn.

Setting options for sending SMS, click to enlarge

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