HumHub is an open source social network kit. The self-hosted software enables you to create social networks and social intranets. The company advertises scalable options for customizing the platform itself and its functions, so that enterprise solutions in particular can be flexibly adapted to the growth of the respective company. The basic version of HumHub can be used free of charge, while the professional version is priced according to the number of users.

If you integrate seven into the software, you can provide an easy way for the members of your network to send SMS in HumHub.

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Did you know you can send SMS in HumHub?

Send SMS in HumHub with seven

Enable the SMS gateway module in HumHub to add an SMS provider to your network.

If you decide to use seven as your provider, you can be sure that your SMS sending can also be customized according to your needs. You also do not have to worry about data protection. All our servers are located in Germany and we work GDPR compliant, of course.

Once you have activated the module and set up the service, a form for SMS dispatch will be added to the user profiles of your network. The only other requirements are that you have created an account with us and that your credit is sufficient for sending.

Sending SMS

  • By adding SMS to HumHub you gain a powerful communication tool in your network that can reach people regardless of their technical preferences.
    Enable your teams to send important messages or use SMS in support. Wherever communication needs to be flexible, SMS are a great choice.
SMS aus HubHub versenden mit dem SMS Gateway Modul und sms77

Send SMS in customer service with HumHub, click to enlarge

Would you like to try out sending messages from HumHub?
Here you can find the SMS gateway on HumHub, in which you can integrate our service.