IceHrm is a human resources management system designed for companies and organizations with a workforce and 20,000 people. The system includes many features that are useful at all stages of the employee lifecycle. These include, for example, the ability to manage employee information, absence management and payroll information. There is an open-source version of IceHrm available for self-hosting, as well as several pro versions that vary in price depending on their scope.

If you are looking for a way to send voice messages and SMS in IceHrm, our plugin is just what you need.

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Send SMS in IceHrm with the sms77 extension

Send Voice messages and SMS in IceHrm

With our extension for IceHrm you will reach your recipients in a particularly effective way. SMS are read quickly and are considered very personal messages. Voice messages attract even more attention because they are delivered as a call, but they are perceived to be less personal. So you can use the two options in different application scenarios.

Thanks to our filters, you can, for example, inform future employees about the status of their application or contract, send specific information to employees from certain countries, or send alerts to your IT team. Especially for the latter variant, many of our customers also like to use the voice function. Whether you want to send bulk or individual SMS in IceHrm is up to you. Voice messages can also be sent as bulk messages.


With the help of filters you can send your SMS in IceHrm to selected recipients. You can filter by status, country, job title and employment status and combine these filters as you wish. This makes your SMS sending more precise and effective.

Setting options

Furthermore, many additional features are available in SMS sending. You can, for example, make settings to pre-schedule your SMS, to send flash SMS or to track the performance of links in your SMS. You can also specify and change your sender name directly in IceHrm. For a complete overview of all features, see the documentation linked below.

Mit unserem Plugin können Sie SMS in IceHrm versenden

Setting options for sending SMS in IceHrm, click to enlarge

Need help installing or setting up the features?
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