Attention: Integromat became Make at the beginning of 2022.
We recommend using our app in Make, as support for Integromat will be discontinued in 2023.

Integromat is a successful online automation program. It enables the creation of processes in which different apps communicate with each other. Once completed, the processes can then run automatically.

Due to the visual representation, no programming skills are required to develop the automation. This makes the application accessible to anyone willing to learn about no-code automation. In the simplest version, you can use the software free of charge. If you need more extensive services, you can choose between different paid versions.

Ein Szenario von Integromat in dem über sms77 automatisch Nummern verifiziert werden and Integromat

If you need to send automated SMS, we have great news: Our services are also available on Integromat. You can include various commands in your processes and thus automate processes and notifications in your company in which, for example, SMS are sent. To use seven in the automation software, you need to have an account with us, of course. After a short setup, you can immediately start creating automations that send SMS via seven.

Verification of numbers

To optimize the quality of the data in your CRM, you can integrate our number lookup into an automated process. If a (potential) customer fills out a form, the number is verified by seven and correctly added to your CRM.

Sending codes

You want to send codes for door locks to guests automatically? Integrate seven into Integromat so that an SMS is sent when your vacation apartment is booked.


Send personalized text messages for birthdays, get an SMS when a customer has placed an order or send the soccer team the weather forecast for the next matchday.

Your own scenario

There are only few limits to your imagination. The possibilities with more than 400 applications are very extensive and will surely make you life easier.

Please visit our integration page for Make for the latest information and instructions.