Kanboard is a minimalistic project management software based on Kanban. The open source software focuses on a simple design to provide a clear overview of ongoing projects. 

In order to remain clear, Kanboard offers a few, but all the more practical features, such as a limited number of work-in-progress tasks, search and filters, and options for automating processes. Moreover, the software is available in more than 30 languages. 

If you need functions that are not included in the basic package, you can extend them with plugins. For example, our plugin allows you to send 2FA codes in Kanboard via SMS.

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Send 2FA codes in Kanboard via SMS

Sending 2FA codes in Kanboard via SMS

You want to use two-factor authentication and send the codes via SMS? With our plugin you’ll integrate sending 2FA codes in Kanboard via SMS in no time.

After installing the plugin, you only need to specify your API key. Optionally, you can also additionally specify a Sender ID, which will be displayed as the sender name when you send an SMS. Once you have completed the setup, you can immediately activate and use the two-factor authentication if you have added a mobile number in your profile.

2FA via SMS

  • Set up two-factor authentication via SMS with our plugin to make your login more secure.


  • For better identification of your 2FA SMS you can specify a sender name.
Versenden Sie SMS aus Kanboard

Example of user interface after sending 2FA codes in Kanboard via SMS. Click to enlarge.

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