Krayin is a customer relationship management software based on Laravel. The focus of the software is on a comprehensive management of the lifecycle of customers in companies of any type and size. To make this possible, the software is customizable and extensible to fit individual needs. For example, with our plugin it is possible to send SMS with Krayin.

The open-source software is flexible to use and aims to remain intuitive, so that people with any experience background can work effortlessly with the CRM. The SMS function adds an effective factor to your communication, that adds enormous potential to your communication strategy.

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Send SMS with Krayin with the sms77 plugin

Send SMS with Krayin CRM

With our plugin you can easily send SMS with Krayin without leaving the user interface. Depending on your needs, you can send SMS to individuals or to all people in an organization. This allows you to make the most of the necessary flexibility in your communication.

However, this does not mean that you have to do without personalised messages: Use placeholders to address all recipients individually. Want to get started right away? Create an API key, install our plugin and set up the dispatch using the API key. Once you have saved all of your settings, you can send your first SMS with Krayin.

Sending SMS

  • Send SMS to individuals or to all contacts in an organization – depending on what you have to say.


  • Use placeholders, for example, to ensure that all recipients are addressed personally.
Wenn Sie SMS mit Krayin versenden, können Sie Ihre Kunden effektiver betreuen

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Need help installing or setting up the features?
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