Logto is an open source solution for creating login interfaces, as well as for managing the corresponding data. Among other things, Logto provides various login methods, from authentication through social media profiles to sending dynamic passwords via email or SMS. 

In addition to the connectors that Logto provides, you can also create your own connectors. With this, it is also possible to realize the sending of dynamic passwords via SMS from Logto with seven.

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Send dynamic passcodes via SMS from Logto

Send dynamic passcodes via SMS from Logto

If you want to use our service to send dynamic passcodes via SMS, you can implement this with your own connector. In our GitHub repository you can find the relevant details that you need when setting up the connector.

You also have the option to specify an alphanumeric sender name. This will be displayed to recipients as the sender when they receive the SMS. Your alphanumeric sender name can contain up to eleven characters. If you specify a numeric sender, up to 16 characters are possible. You also need an API Key for setup.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Visit our GitHub page for more information.