On its website, Medusa is described as an open source Shopify alternative. With the headless engine, flexible e-commerce systems can be set up and operated. 

Developers can thus easily and effectively implement scalable and individual e-commerce systems that can be used for companies of all kinds. The Medusa community is very active and helps to drive the project forward. There are no fees for using Medusa, but there is an option to get premium support. 

Integrating an SMS dispatch in Medusa is easy with the seven-Plugin.

Use SMS sending in Medusa to keep customers informed about orders.

Our Plugin: Send SMS in Medusa

With our plugin you can send SMS directly from Medusa. So you benefit not only from a flexible eCommerce system but also from the very personal short message. SMS arrive immediately on customers’ devices, are, on average, opened in the first five minutes after receipt and do not get lost between dozens of other messages or in the spam folder.

Our SMS plugin helps you with effective automated communication. For example, send an SMS to your customers as soon as they place an order. This will give your customers the confirmation that their order has been received and that you are taking care of the processing. An SMS about the successful shipment is also a great choice.
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