Moodle is a free learning software that not only provides a learning platform, but can also be used for course management. The software was first released in 2002 and is now widely used around the world. Although it is primarily used by public educational institutions, many companies have also recognised how they can benefit from using the learning platform.

Various additional modules can be installed to expand the standard functions. In this way, even very individual demands on the platform can be met with little effort. In the active community forums, you can find valuable information and also ask questions yourself in case of problems.

Sending SMS directly from Moodle with the sms77 add-on module

The seven plugin for Moodle

The seven plugin for Moodle allows you to send SMS and Text2Speech messages directly from the Moodle interface. SMS messages are particularly suitable for use in educational institutions because most people can receive them easily. Text2Speech messages also allow you to effectively reach recipients who have difficulty reading.

Thanks to the add-on module, you can send your messages directly from the e-learning application without having to take the detour via our web application. This way, the dispatch remains structured and organised and you save valuable time. Just add the appropriate block and benefit from the reliable text messages.

Send SMS

  • Send notifications about course changes and events or remind your course participants to pay the participant fee.


  • Send voice messages that arrive on the recipient’s device as a call. When the call is answered, the message is automatically read aloud. Especially suitable for language courses and participants without a cell phone.


  • Create templates for your messages that you can easily select afterwards. This way you don’t have to rewrite frequently sent messages every time you need them.

A sample text message in Moodle.
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