Nextcloud is a file hosting provider whose main focus is on data security. The installation of the service on private servers or webspaces is free of charge. Companies can use different versions of enterprise solutions , but these are subject to a fee. In addition to hosting files, the company offers various services to facilitate collaboration. These include an audio and video conferencing tool, the ability to edit files together and a task management tool with integrated calendar and mail function.The provider became known not least because the central IT service provider of the Federal Administration (ITZBund) decided to use Nextcloud.

Nextcloud ermöglicht die Zusammenarbeit von Teams

Two-factor authentication via SMS in Nextcloud

Digital collaboration is becoming increasingly important as work shifts to embrace the possibilities of an interconnected working environment. With all the benefits of working in the cloud, you still want to protect your data from unauthorized access. This is one of the reasons why logging in via two-factor authentication is very sensible.

If you integrate seven, you can send the confirmation message via SMS. This guarantees that all employees or customers are able to receive the confirmation message without having to install a new app first. To use this feature, you only need an active customer account with us and integrate SMS sending via seven in Nextcloud.

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