OctoPrint provides an open source web interface for 3D printers that is compatible with most popular consumer 3D printers. This makes it easy to monitor and control the printing process from any device. This includes not only starting and stopping a print job, but also, for example, monitoring the temperature and observing the process via a webcam.

With different plugins made by the community you can extend the functions even further. With our SMS plugin, for example, you send SMS with OctoPrint when a print job is completed. 

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Receive an SMS with Octoprint when a print job is completed.

Send SMS with OctoPrint

Set up sending SMS with OctoPrint with our plugin to receive an automated SMS whenever a print job is completed. This way you are always up to date and don’t have to set up any other reminders.

You can customize the SMS with placeholders, so that not only the respective printer name, but also the file name of the completed print job is displayed to you. In addition, you can also display how long it took to finish the print. Register, install the plugin, set up an API key and try it yourself.

Sending automated SMS

  • Send an automated SMS when a print is completed.


  • Use placeholders to insert the printer name, the name of the print file and the time it took to print.

Flash SMS

  • If needed, you can also deliver your SMS as Flash SMS. Please note that not all mobile operating systems support Flash SMS in the same way, so they may be displayed differently.
Versenden Sie eine SMS mit OctoPrint wenn ein Druckauftrag abgeschlossen ist

Screenshot of the setup for sending SMS with OctoPrint, click to enlarge.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check our GitHub page for more information.