OpenCart is an open-source online store system, which can be used free of charge in its basic version. It is well known and appreciated for the fact that the design of the store is very flexible in comparison to others. In addition, the functions of the online store page can be extended by numerous modules. Keep in mind, however, that some of these modules may not be free to use.

OpenCart shines through an active community and is constantly growing, so if you have any questions, you can find help in the forum and blog. If you want to stay flexible in the design of your online store and don’t want to spend huge amounts of money, you should take a closer look at the shop system.

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Auch in OpenCart können Sie SMS über sms77 verschicken

The seven module for OpenCart

There are many good reasons why e-commerce companies would want to send SMS to their customers. Whether you want to send special offers or need to communicate important changes, SMS is a good choice because it is read more often and a lot sooner than other messages.

If you have an account with seven you can also use our services in OpenCart via your API key. As soon as you have set up the sending via seven, you will be able to send mass SMS in OpenCart.


SMS not only reach every cell phone, they are also read faster than average and more often. Therefore they are perfectly suited for sending exclusive offers. By sending different messages to different groups, you can segment your customers and increase the effectiveness of your campaign.


Your terms and conditions are about to change? You want to invite your customers to an event? Your store has new opening hours? In just one minute you can send a message to all your customers at the same time! This ensures that even time-sensitive messages reach their destination as fast as possible.

You need help with the installation or the setup of the functions?
You can find more information on our GitHub page.