Pipedream is an integration platform. Users can connect different services with each other and thus create individual workflows. Developers can also build their own components that can be linked to the apps offered on the platform. In short, the workflows can be controlled at the code level, but can also be used without extensive programming knowledge.

Furthermore, the workflows are scalable, allowing for a huge range of application possibilities. With more than 1000 apps and the mentioned possibilities for individualization, there should be a solution for all needs.
With our component, you can integrate the sending of SMS in Pipedream in just a few steps. Sending text-to-speech messages is also possible. 

Implement sending SMS in Pipedream to send notifications

Send SMS in Pipedream now

With our component you can send text-to-speech messages as well as SMS in Pipedream. Text-to-speech messages are delivered as a call and the content is then read out on the phone. Our customers like to use this feature as an alert or other attention-grabbing notification for specific events.

For many situations, SMS is equally suitable when short-term notifications need to be delivered. Since SMS are read within the first five minutes of receipt on average, they are better suited for this purpose than e-mails or other notifications. Of course, there are several other scenarios in which sending SMS makes sense – it’s best to try it out for yourself.

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