Prismatic is an integration platform focused on the needs of B2B business. The goal is to simplify integrations so that you can offer your customers exactly what they need – including you own integration platform. Different preexisting SaaS apps can be connected, but it is also possible to integrate your own connectors. This way, the functionality of the respective platforms is not limited by the availability of certain apps, but can be extended individually.

Therefore, it is easy to also integrate our service and thus send text-to-speech messages and SMS from Prismatic in just a few steps.

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Sending SMS from Prismatic is easy

Send SMS from Prismatic

Use our components to send not only SMS from Prismatic, but also text-to-speech messages. For most use cases, SMS are popular because they are read quickly and still allow for asynchronous communication.

Text-to-speech messages are delivered as calls and are therefore often used for scenarios where the message needs to attract the recipient’s attention immediately – for example when alerts are being sent.

No matter what you need to send – it only takes a short setup to get you started. You will need an API key, which you can create yourself with just a few clicks. Try it now!

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Visit our GitHub page for more information.