ProcessWire is an open source content management system and content management framework. The CMS has been under constant development since 2003 and therefore has many references to show. ProcessWire advertises, among other things, its flexible API and the general scalability of the system, but also that is very easy to use.

In addition, the system has extensive functions. For example, the possibility to create multilingual websites is already included in the basic scope of the CMS. Nevertheless, there are numerous add-ons available, so-called modules, that can make your work easier.

One of these modules is our new SMS module, which allows you to send SMS with ProcessWire.

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Send SMS with ProcessWire to reach your team effectively

Send SMS with ProcessWire

If you decide to use our SMS module for your CMS, you can send SMS with ProcessWire after a short setup. As usual, you only pay for what you use. You can send SMS to single users as well as to several or all users at once.

For example, send urgent messages to your team without leaving your content management system. You can also use an individual sender name, our debug function and a placeholder for the mail address of the corresponding user. Find more details on this in the documentation linked below.

Sending SMS

  • Send updates, urgent notifications or other information to your team. SMS are read particularly quickly and are therefore also suitable for short-term messages or alerts.


  • Use a placeholder to insert the individual mail address provided by the user into your SMS.
Mit unserem Plugin können Sie SMS mit ProcessWire versenden

Create a new field in ProcessWire to add the mobile phone number, click to enlarge.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
You can find more information on our GitHub page.