Quickwork is an integration platform that specializes in automating workflows. Companies also use it to publish APIs and manage and automate conversations.

What do we need for successful no-code automation? Most importantly: apps that we can connect to each other. Quickwork currently offers more than 1000 apps – and of course, new ones are being added continuously.

With our app, for example, you can integrate the sending of SMS in Quickwork and thus set events in hundreds of other softwares as triggers. Find out what else our app can do below!

Use sending SMS in Quickwork to be informed about certain events immediately.

Send SMS in Quickwork

What you already know: Our plugin allows you to send SMS in Quickwork. You can use this feature for many useful scenarios. Whenever someone needs to be notified immediately, SMS are the message of choice, because they are read particularly quickly. That’s why they are often used for alerts. However, SMS are also suitable for sending personal messages to customers, because we are used to communicating with friends and family through text messages.

But, wait, there’s more! There are two more functions that are available to you: With our app, you can also retrieve your last logbook entry and check the status of your credit. Convenient, isn’t it?
Is there another function you’d like to see in our Quickwork app? Let us know – we’ll take care of it!

Sending SMS

  • Send SMS in Quickwork – your personal use case is just a few clicks away.

Know your credit

  • You don’t know how much credit you have left in your account? The credit action will help you out.

Show last logbook entry

  • Retrieve the latest SMS in your logbook without having to log into our webapp.

For more information about our app, please visit the corresponding app page at Quickwork.