Redmine is a web-based open source project management software. The software offers a wide range of functions that can be configured individually. This allows you to customize Redmine to fit your individual needs, to make sure that the functions and scope of the software are ideally suited to your projects. However, the flexibility does not only result from the different functions: Redmine also advertises that it works across platforms and databases.

With our plugin you extend the project management software so that you can also send voice messages and SMS from Redmine.

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Want to send SMS from Redmine? The sms77 plugin is here to help.

Send voice messages and SMS from Redmine

With our plugin you can inform employees and external parties reliably and without additional effort about upcoming deadlines, maintenance work or changes.

Send SMS from Redmine to remind your team about meetings or to inform about upcoming server downtimes. SMS are personal, unobtrusive and yet read very quickly. That’s why they’re perfect for announcements.

If an SMS still doesn’t get you enough attention, you can also send your message as a voice message. These messages are delivered to your recipients as a call and your text message is then read out on the phone.

Sending SMS

  • If you want to send SMS from Redmine, our plugin is just what you need. After installation, not only will SMS sending be available to you, but you will also be able to use the associated functions. These include, for example, time-delayed sending, our performance tracking and the assignment of labels.

    Find an overview of all available functions in the documentation linked below.

Sending Voice messages

  • Sending voice messages with Redmine is also quite simple. After installing the plugin, you specify text, number and then hit send. Our gateway converts the message into a call and reads it to your recipients on the phone.
Wenn Sie SMS mit Redmine verschicken stehen Ihnen viele Einstellungsmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung

Need help installing or setting up the features?
You can find more information on our GitHub page.