S-Cart is a free Laravel eCommerce system that can be used with a Community License and a Business License. Multi-vendor and multi-store solutions can also be implemented without any problems. According to its own statement, the system is efficient and easy to use for all individuals and institutions, even without extensive programming knowledge. In addition to a purchasable template, there are also various plugins to be used, some of which cost money, some of which do not.

With our free SMS plugin for S-Cart, you also integrate the sending of SMS in no time.

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Use our SMS plugin for S-Cart to send bulk messages

Our SMS Plugin for S-Cart

You want to send bulk SMS from S-Cart to your customers? With our plugin you set up the sending in just a few steps and profit from the popular short message. For the setup you create an API Key, enter it in S-Cart and you are ready to send your first SMS. You can also set some additional parameters to individualize your SMS dispatch.

Bulk SMS are especially suitable for exclusive marketing campaigns and invitations to special events. Send along links to your shop or your latest marketing video and track the performance of these links. If you decide to use an alphanumeric sender ID, you make sure that your customers immediately know who is sending them a message. Try it yourself today– registration is free.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Check our GitHub page for more information.