Prometheus is an open source monitoring system for monitoring IT infrastructures. It was first released in 2012 and has been constantly developed by an active community ever since. Through various extensions, Prometheus can be adapted to the needs of any company.

Sachet is an SMS alert tool for the Prometheus Alertmanager that sends notifications when an individually set threshold is exceeded. 

Sachet allows the integration of different SMS gateways, which are addressed via webhook. This way, you can also send SMS with Prometheus via seven.

Integrieren Sie den Versand von SMS mit Prometheus via Sachet und sms77
Send alarms via SMS with Prometheus

Sending SMS with Prometheus via Sachet and seven

Thanks to the integration of our gateway in Sachet you can now send your alarm SMS from Prometheus via seven. You just need to install the plugin, perform a short setup and then you can receive alarm SMS for your desired incidents.

SMS are perfect for sending alarms of all kinds, especially in monitoring, as they are read mostly within three minutes. They can be integrated easily via an SMS provider like and reach cell phones quickly and reliably, regardless of whether the receiving device is connected to the Internet or not.

SMS dispatch

  • Send automated SMS alerts triggered by your monitoring in Prometheus.

Sending text-to-speech messages

  • You want more than an alarm SMS? Have a phone call be triggered automatically – the content of the message will be read to you on the phone.
Versenden Sie SMS mit StackStorm, um über Vorfälle in Ihrem Netzwerk informiert zu werden

Need help installing or setting up the features?
You can find more information on the GitHub page for Sachet.