Solidus is an open source eCommerce platform suitable for businesses of any size. The software is maintained and developed by a core development team and an active community. The use is free of charge and already includes all functions in the basic version, so there are no additional costs.

Due to the flexible usage options, companies can use Solidus in all phases of their development: From start-up to established enterprise. The functions of your online store can be extended individually by integrating various plugins. For example, thanks to our SMS plugin, you can now send SMS in Solidus.

Send SMS in Solidus to make exclusive offers extra special

Send SMS in Solidus

In eCommerce, SMS have become increasingly popular in recent years. Businesses of all sizes are using SMS to notify their customers about transactions, whether it’s a successful order, a payment receipt, a shipping confirmation or a request for an order review. Marketing messages are also becoming increasingly popular and offer excellent opportunities to build a personal customer relationship.

If you want to send SMS in Solidus, our plugin is just what you need. After installation, all you need is your API Key for a quick setup and then you can send your first SMS to your customers. Try it for yourself today!

Filter for your SMS dispatch

  • In Solidus you can filter by recipient country to make your SMS sending more efficient.

Additional Functions

  • Benefit from numerous additional functions that make your SMS dispatch effective and clear, such as the use of labels or our performance tracking.
Versenden Sie SMS in Solidus

Sending of an SMS in Solidus, click to enlarge

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