Implement workflows that allow you to automate processes in your infrastructure easily and effectively. Thanks to the automation of recurring processes, you save a lot of time that you can invest in more important tasks. Numerous integration packages with extensive actions enable you to build complex and individual automations.

With the seven plugin, you can now also send voice messages and SMS with StackStorm. Get to know our actions and integrate them into your workflows as you like to benefit from reliable notifications in your workflows.
If you have any questions about StackStorm itself, find help in the automation solution community.

Easily send alarm SMS with StackStorm

Send voice messages and SMS with StackStorm

It’s finally here: with our actions you can now easily send voice messages and SMS with StackStorm. By including our voice action, you can have calls triggered in your workflow that are suitable for alerts and other urgent messages.

Notification via SMS is quite sufficient for your purposes? The SMS action is also available to you, of course. In addition, you can use the usual functions that are part of our SMS dispatch, such as the label function or our performance tracking. Just try it out for yourself – once you are registered with us and have created an API key, nothing will stand in the way of your notification-featured workflow.

Sending SMS

  • Integrate our SMS dispatch with all its functions into your workflow at no additional cost. You only pay for the messages you are sending. It is also possible to send Flash SMS, which are used frequently for alarm messages.

Sending Voice messages

  • With our voice function you can send a message that will be delivered as a call. In automations, this function is often used for the delivery of alarm messages.
Versenden Sie SMS mit StackStorm, um über Vorfälle in Ihrem Netzwerk informiert zu werden

Send messages with StackStorm when a specific event occurs in your network monitoring.

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