SuiteCRM is a customer relationship management system. The open source solution is constantly maintained and further developed by a permanent team of developers and a large community.
Numerous functions bundle comprehensive information about customers and make it available to your team so that they have all the info they need to perform at their best. This allows your company to focus on healthy growth.

Comprehensive guides and documentation make it easy to set up and use SuiteCRM. Plus, the CRM can be customized to meet a company’s specific needs. Sending SMS in SuiteCRM is also easily integrated with our plugin.

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Send SMS in SuiteCRM, for example to welcome new customers

Send SMS in SuiteCRM

With our plugin you can send SMS in SuiteCRM – without much effort. If you are registered with us, all you need to do is install our plugin and perform a short setup. Once you have completed these steps, you can start sending SMS.

Send an SMS in SuiteCRM to reach out to your contacts. Often this feature is used for sending appointment reminders or updates on a deal. However, you can also send automated SMS when a new contact or lead is created. This way you can send personal welcome messages or important information without much extra effort. Try it out yourself!

Send SMS to contacts

  • There are many good reasons to send SMS to your contacts and leads. With the SMS plugin for SuiteCRM, sending SMS is especially easy.

Notifications via SMS

  • Send an SMS when a new contact or lead is created to automatically deliver important information or welcome messages.
Versenden Sie automatisiert SMS mit SuiteCRM, beispielsweise wenn ein neuer Kontakt erstellt wird

Options when setting up automatic SMS sending during contact creation, click to enlarge.

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Head on over to our GitHub for more information.