Thelia is an open source solution for creating eCommerce websites which has been on the market since 2005. Thanks to the flexible setting options, pages for many different end customers can be realized very easily. Numerous accessible modules also allow you to expand the range of functions as you wish. 

With our SMS module, for example, you can easily send bulk SMS with Thelia to your customers without having to leave your user interface. If you have questions about Thelia itself, you can find help in their in-house support forum, for example. 

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Use our plugin to send exclusive offers via SMS with Thelia

Sending SMS with Thelia

With the seven module you can easily send bulk SMS with Thelia. This way you reach all your customers at once and at the same time benefit from the personal character of SMS – without detours, straight out of Thelia. Your SMS dispatch remains hassle-free and uncomplicated.

In eCommerce, for example, you can use your SMS dispatch for sending personal marketing messages. Use placeholders for your customers’ names to make the messages even more individual and thus strengthen personal customer loyalty. Sending bulk SMS with Thelia is also suitable for important notifications about maintenance times or other restrictions for your customers. By using an additional filter, you can also send SMS to your resellers exclusively.

Bulk SMS

  • Whether you want to send exclusive offers or an urgent message to all customers at the same time: Bulk SMS reach their destinations reliably.


  • Being able to send SMS to your customers is a privilege. Include placeholders in your messages to ensure that your bulk SMS are personalized and appeal to your customers individually.


  • You want to send a message that is only for your resellers? Simply select them as a group via the filter.
Mit unserem Plugin können Sie Massen-SMS mit Thelia versenden

Sending bulk SMS with Thelia, click to enlarge.

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