Vivantio is a customer service management solution that aims to enable flexible and scalable customer service through a single platform. Work on the service management software began back in 2003, and since then it has enriched many companies and teams. For different needs, Vivantio provides different pricing models in which the platform can be used.

Vivantio can be extended in its functions with the help of integrations. For example, if you integrate our service, you can easily send SMS from Vivantio. This allows you to reach your customers on the channels they prefer, providing them with an additional personalized service.

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Send SMS from Vivantio

Send SMS from Vivantio

You want to contact your customers via text message? Use our service to send SMS from Vivantio! Setting up sending is easy: It just takes a few simple steps in Vivantio. All you need is an API key and enough credit to send SMS.

Your customers will definitely appreciate the personal communication channel. SMS are read faster than messages in other mediums on average. This is why they are especially suitable for sending important information that needs to reach its destination quickly. It’s best to try it out for yourself – sign up and send your first SMS from Vivantio.

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