Zabbix is a network monitoring system. The software is open source and was first released in 2001. Its main function is the monitoring of virtual infrastructures. In this context, the software is considered an all-rounder: It monitors not only apps, but also hardware and software, operating systems and other components of the network infrastructure. Additional functions simplify work with complex systems even further. In addition to the comprehensive functions, users praise the scalability and flexibility of the software above all.

Zabbix kann Alarme via SMS versenden

The seven plugin for Zabbix

Where complex systems are at work, errors happen.
Let Zabbix send SMS via seven and always stay up to date. The alerts that can be sent to you will help you to quickly identify and fix the error. Through the immediate delivery via SMS you lose even less time, because an SMS attracts more attention than, for example, an email.
Through the integration of seven you can also see exactly how many SMS have been sent and thus always keep track. Sign up now and try for yourself!


  • Don’t miss out on anything! You can have all of the alarms that you set arrive at you phone via SMS. This way you won’t miss any error message anymore and you can react quickly to all unforeseen situations.
Alarme aus Zabbix lassen sich auch per SMS empfangen

Need help installing or setting up the features?
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